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How to send a case

Follow the steps below to send a case to us.

1. Data acquisition—What we need from you:

  • CBCT in DICOM format
  • Intra-oral scan in STL format or CBCT scan of the PVS impression.
  • Use the Client Upload button at the top of the website.

2. Digital treatment planning
Dr. Glow will upload your files into the planning software. He will create a digital wax-up and place implants according to your instructions.

3. Case approval
Once the case is planned, Midwest DDS will need approval from the doctor. Typically, Dr. Glow will send you a PowerPoint presentation for your review, or you can schedule an online meeting if you prefer.

4. Guide Fabrication
After the case has been approved, the guide will be 3D printed and shipped or delivered.

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